Self-Education Resources

Featured Websites and Pages is a survivor-run, student-led campaign to end campus sexual violence and resources on Title IX. contains resources, information, and quizzes to help youth and young adults determine if their dating relationships are healthy.

Relationships Concerns on the University Counseling Services website walks you through red flags, safety planning, and offers additional resources for relationship concerns.

Survivors of Sexual Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking, and Harassment on the University Counseling Services website lists ways to offer support and additional resources.

Advocacy Services Articles

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is a normal and healthy part of any relationship, especially romantic or sexual ones! Continue reading to learn about different types of boundaries.

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Supporting Survivors

When someone has been sexually assaulted, they need a great deal of support from friends and family as well as counselors, law enforcement, doctors, etc.

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"I think I was sexually assaulted" Your Rights and Options

Answers to the questions you may have after an assault.

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Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence & Stalking

A Resource Guide for Survivors & the VCU Community

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Your Options

These are your options after a sexual assault.

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Financial Wellness in Relationships

Talking about money can be awkward and uncomfortable. However, in order to have healthy families, friendships, and romantic relationships, it is important to be financially well!

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Holiday Safety Planning and Self-Care Guide

We know that the holidays can be challenging, and with the added stressors that this year may have brought, we’re here to support you. In this guide, you’ll find resources for safety planning and ways to engage in self-care.

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