"I think I was sexually assaulted" Your Rights and Options

When can I seek medical attention?

Ideally within 5 days, even if you do not want to file a police report. A health care provider can:

Where to go within 5 days:

VCU Medical Center’s forensic nursing office, 1250 E. Marshall St., (804) 628-0623

Where to go after 5 days:

University Student Health Services, 1300 W. Broad St., Suite 2200, (804) 828-8828

If you are unsure of which facility to choose, go to VCU Medical Center, or visit one of these Richmond-area hospitals.

When can I go to the police?

Any time. VCU Police are available 24/7 to discuss your options or take a report. You can:

Richmond City Police Emergency: 911

VCU Police Emergency: (804) 828-1234

Richmond City Police Non-Emergency: (804) 646-5100

When can I report the assault to the university?

Any time. Reports can be made online. Administrative investigations are conducted by Equity and Access Services and coordinated through Laura Rugless, Title IX coordinator, (804) 828-6404. Accommodations may include:

When can I seek additional confidential support?

Any time. Advocates are available to support you, listen to you, and believe you. You are not alone.

Off-campus confidential resources include:

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