Your Options

Option 1

You can report to Title IX and give the person's name, which would initiate an investigation (if the other person is a student at VCU). Or you can report to Title IX without giving the person's name, and it would be considered an Administrative report. This basically means something occurred, but no further action will be taken. Title IX cannot initiate an investigation if the other person is not a student or employee.

Option 2

You can report it to VCU police. If the incident occurred off-campus, VCU Police will take the report and transfer the case to the locality that has jurisdiction. You can also report this information to them the same way. Meaning if you give the name of the other person, an investigation is initiated. If you decided not to give the name, it would be just an incident/administrative report. Police reports CAN be filed whether the other person is a student or not.

You can also choose to report to them both. What will happen is that the investigations will be conducted consecutively and not simultaneously (assuming the other person is a student).

Option 3

You have the right not to report. Advocacy services are confidential and anything you say to an advocate is confidential unless you are a danger to yourself (at risk of suicide) or someone else.

Advocates assist with academic accommodations if needed. This consists of writing requests on your behalf for missed classes and/or extended deadlines that may be necessary while you deal with this sensitive matter. Advocates also accompany you to any court proceedings, police interviews, Title IX proceedings, doctor appointments and any other meetings pertaining to the issue at hand. Advocates also make referrals for individual and group counseling on and off-campus (when available). We also assist you with locating any other services you may need on and off-campus.

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